Backpackin’ to America

It was dark. Very cold and dark. They were walking at night. Shoes were barely kept together and they could feel the rocks and small thorn eating their feet. He was strong for her. She was pregnant with his child. And, there they were…running away from the only place they have called home. A small village where the homes are built on mountainous terrains and the air was crisp and fresh and the food eaten was once the cattle raised. They were running from the government. They crouched down and huddled with the rest of the refugees. I caught, they would be killed without any mercy. But this was no ordinary walk. The entire group was going from one country to another, by way of foot, and only at night while hiding in the day. They were warriors.  Brave and courageous. Thank you Mom and Dad. You and your journey will forever be engraved in me. And, I will tell your story.

-With love,

Brikti Tesfagaber Petros


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