Tweet, Tweet, #Tweet

Twitter is the king of social media. Really, it is. With its 232 million users, it is no doubt a driving force holding up social media. Celebs, business people, public and government officials, journalists, etc all have a Twitter account. The smile tweet and hashtag have changed the Internet as we know it. Some helpful tips I learned during a class presentation today:

1.    Keep it legible. #thishashtagiswaytoolongtobereading

2.    Hashtag in moderation. #using #too #many #hashtags #looks #desperate #and #cluttered

3.    It’s redundant to use a hashtag with a word that’s already in the post. #redundant

Instead, you should include the #hashtag in the post.

4.    Separating worlds by capitalization can help make them easier to read. For example, #HelpSaveOurGirls

5.    All punctuation and spaces will break hashtags except underscores. Though, generally, no one is going to remember to use an underscore so #UsePascalCaseInstead because #this_looks_silly.

These are just some tips but I have no Twitter so I am not the expert! Just some wise things to keep in mind while your tweeting away.


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