The Man Who Changed the World!

Daniel Ellsberg…

Let that sink in…..

DANIEL ELLSBERG came to speak at Georgia State University. I had the honor of going and meeting this incredible. fearless man!

For those who do not know (hopefully that is none); Daniel Ellsberg is the man who leaked the revolutionary Pentagon Papers, giving a name to “whistleblowers,” He has had a lifetime of achievements including the Right Livelihood Award! I was in awe the entire time he was speaking. All I could think was “This is really him! the man who risked everything for the truth to come out,”


The main thing I took away from this lecture was the ability to be an ethical journalist. If we had more people like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning…wars would not have existed, conspiracies would have been stopped before they got out of hand, truths would be told, people exonerated, and our government would actually run for the people, BY THE PEOPLE.

Our government, one that is supposed to be free and democratic, will be doomed “by its own lies” Something as simple as the truth can bring an entire nation to its knees. Is it worth it? Will we ever have people who are willing to expose the truth at any cost? Even if that means being exiled from a country you grew up in and loved?


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