Data, Data, Data ( Chp 9)

As mentioned before, we are all digital workers. Everything is digital but more importantly, we, as journalists, must assimilate ourselves into this technological culture. But first, what about all the masses of data we come across everyday! (Emails, contacts, status updates, blog posts, etc.) In order to better spend your time exploring these new technologies and not on repetitive tasks, you must make all the data useful and organized. But we can start with your personal life then your profession.

1). First, organize your email. Set up folders and organize your emails, even the shitty ones (haha). Focus on other tasks for a few hours then look back to your email. This will prevent you from being distracted. Another good rule of thumb is to only spend 2 minutes and no less on each email. If you can’t reply that fast then don’t bother and waste more time. Save it as a draft or move it into a folder and get back to it.

2). Find the right personal productivity tools. Find the right tools that will enhance your computer skills but mainly, save you time and energy in the long run. Here are some examples:

  • Instapaper– save web pages for later
  • Dropbox– storage for documents, videos, and files. You can also access from anywhere (with Internet)
  • ZoHo-full of productivity & collab tools!

3). Lastly, bring ORDER to your work! Use easy programs that allow you to help your various projects like a project management software. This is especially helpful for large, ongoing coverage of stories that you may have.


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