Crowd-Powered Collabs…the People + the News

I’m sure this doesn’t come as a surprise that journalism is changing. Rapidly. What used to be the traditional journalist has now transformed along with our societies revolutionary changes in technology and other stuff. The new faces of journalists are the people. Yes, the citizens themselves! Talk about some true “…for the people, by the people,” action!

Things like social media, for instance, have pushed the field to move in a more “hands-on” manner. They created new reporting methods: crowdsourcing, open-source reporting, and pro-am journalism. All of which we must identify ourselves with and get comfortable to the idea of the people helping the people.

Crowdsourcing: the Internet allows willing, eager citizens to submit and provide information about a certain topic/issue. Example, the NewsPress newspaper used he audience to help further investigate the sewer rates for new housing development in the area. Long story short, the city cut the utility charges by 30% and a city official resigned. (Smh.) Here’s a good example.

Open-SourceThis is more open and laid-back. The audience knows of the story process early on. The audience helps with part of the reporting process. It’s like the people help  navigate through a topic and then it is finished by the professionals. This way dispels the audience from believing that reporters are biased or operating with other motives. The audience is kinda guided throughout the process with their input. Example, Tina Brown and the Daily Beast.

Pro-Am: Do-It-yourself journalism. The most unfiltered, collaborative form of journalism…this uses the audience to publish what they create or have directly. It provides another layer of journalism because o the deeper and broader coverage the citizens can give than journalists can not since we can’t cover everythinggggg. The people add more base. More stories. More news. CNN’s iReport is a perfect show of pro-am journalism.

Collaborative journalism really has changed the face of  journalism. And, regardless of the beliefs, it is here to stay. Times are changing and journalism must adapt. Collaborative journalism is just one o these adaptations. But, regardless, it is all about the people.


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