Good Blog, Bad Blog

The Good

This blog is close to me because it is geared towards women, YAY! It talks about not just fashion but sex, politics, food and so much more. I especially liked the recent post about how Jennifer Lawrence and her nude pictures prompted a mother to tell her kids about internet security. I know that resonated with them because she used a real-life example that is popular today and turned around to teach an important lesson. There is talk of alcoholic parents and babies, and sexism. I absolutely love it! shows all the trending news. It has viral videos too. I especially like it because it is light, funny, and easy to read. Visually, it looks nice and creative. You always want to like what your looking at, right? But this blog is my favorite. I like how you can look at music, pop culture news.


The Bad

Ew, gossip? I can understand gossip since it is a part of human interaction. But false information is hurtful and annoying. This site fills the world with normally negative, completely false info. My cousin took a picture with a famous rapper and next thing we know, she is being called his “girlfriend” and “whore” by the site. Lets just say I have not felt the same way about the blog site since. And while we are on the subject, my computer just got infected with something from visiting the site. Screw them! (Insert angry emoji face!)


WORLDSTARRRR…so popular!  I actually like some of the videos posted here but overall, the site promotes violence. I have seen some terrible videos. The last one I watched from here was a girl getting beaten up by two other females and held down while they continued to cut her hair! This is not okay! It also has some explicit content that can’t make it to YouTube. being that viscous is disgusting and tasteless!  Booooo!


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